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Boarding: Porto Beach, “Da Alessandro” – Yellow umbrellas.
Departures: every 30 minutes every day from 9:00 to 18:00.
Duration: approximately 2 hours.
Difficulty: excursion suitable for everyone.
Type of boat: goiters, stable and safe boats.
Staff: Expectant and qualified escort.

What you visit: Blue Grotto and Natural Arch.

Rest in the bathroom: Yes, at the Bay of Buondormire.

It starts from Palinuro, at Lido Da Alessandro (yellow umbrellas) located on the small beach of the Port of Palinuro.

Grotta Azzurra is the best known cave and the easiest to reach by boat

The symbolic cave of Capo Palinuro is the Grotta Azzurra. The cave takes its name from the blue color of the water, which takes on different shades during the day depending on the intensity of light entering the canal, about 20 meters deep.
In addition to reflections and flashes of light on the surface, the cave is home to unspoilt marine life linked to the rising of sulphurous hydrothermal waters. It is a much appreciated destination also for its underwater part.

The Grotta Azzurra is one of the most fascinating of Capo Palinuro, a reference point for speleology in the province of Salerno, an electric blue water derived from phenomena of refraction of the light that no visitor can forget.