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Baia Infreschi Tour

Palinuro Porto

Starting point

Welcome to our boat tour! We will sail along the coast of Cilento, exploring beautiful bays and hidden caves.


Cala Fortuna

Point of interest 1

The first cove we encounter is Cala Fortuna (the name means ‘luck’).

Grotta Azzurra

Point of interest 2

Located right below the steep coast overlooking the sea, we find the Blue Grotto.

Cala Monte di Luna

Point of interest 3

The rock wall of Cala Monte di Luna rises about 150 meters above the sea.

Grotta della Cattedrale

Point of interest 4

The Cathedral Cave is characterized by long white stalactites. It gets its name because the cavity resembles a Gothic cathedral in appearance.

Grotta e Spiaggia del Pozzallo

Point of interest 5 - 6

Pozzallo Beach is characterized by crystal-clear waters rich in shades of blue, a spectacle of colors and transparency.

Sorgente S. Caterina

Point of interest 7

In a stretch of emerald water near some rocks, a freshwater spring flows, the Santa Caterina Spring.

Cala Bianca

Point of interest 8

Cala Bianca is a small beach named for the presence of round white pebbles that compose it.

Grotta del Toro

Point of interest 9

The Bull’s Cave gets its name from a rock inside that resembles the shape of a bull’s head.

Baia degli Infreschi

Point of interest 10 - 11

Baia degli Infreschi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Italian peninsula.